How To: Frame simple sentences for male/female in Hindi

Frame simple sentences for male/female in Hindi

Learn simple statements in speaking Hindi male/female. Like for male, if you say I walk it would be "main chaltaa hun" in Hindi and "main chaltee hun" for female so main for I chaltaa or chaltee for walk and hun for present tense. the only difference for male and female is chaltaa and chaltee. Same way if you say I talk it would be "main bolta hun" and for female "main boltee hun". If you say he walks then it would be "wo chalta hai" and "wo chaltee hai" for female. If you say they walk it would be "wo chalte hain" now see the n after the hai. It is for the plural number or to add respect. Now check the difference between male/female/plural numbers. So the word "bolta" for male, "boltee" for female and "bolte" for the plural. You can see that in male aa sound comes and in female ee sound comes. Now if you say they speak it would be "wo bolte hain". Same way You can speak many sentences in hindi like "main karta/kartee hun", we do "ham karte hain" etc. You can do this for the words like live "rahna", run "daudna", sit "baithna" etc.

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