How To: Say body parts, numbers, & colors in Hindi

Say body parts, numbers, & colors in Hindi

Learn Hindi and speak some of the body parts, colors and numbers. So if you say head it will be "sir" in Hindi, Forehead is "matha", cheek is "gaal", tooth is "daant", lip is "honth", mouth is "muh" (you will not hear h clearly in the word "muh" in Hindi, you will only hear like "mu"), tongue is "jeebh". For instance, if you say "your lips are red" it will be "aapke honth laal hain" in hindi. Now when you speak a sentence in Hindi for the words like tooth (daant) it will be "mera" and tongue (jeebh) it will be "meri" because tongue is a feminine and tooth is a masculine word in Hindi language. Now if you speak "I have four rupees" it will be "mere paas chaar rupayein hain" and then you say "how much do you have" it will be "aapke paas kitne hain" then you say "I have eight rupees" it will be "mere paas aath rupayein hain" then you say "oh so you have double" it will be "oh to aapke paas double hai"

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