How To: Say basic greetings & more in Haitian Creole

Say basic greetings & more in Haitian Creole

In this video from pxmedia Lisa and Lionel teach us how to say basic greetings and more in Haitian Creole. Some basic greetings that are gone over here are "Hello", "How are you", and the various responses to that question. "What is your name" is another question they translate. And "My name is". "Please" and "thank you" are next to be discussed along with "You're welcome." "Excuse me", and "bye" are next up. Two important things are "I cannot speak Creole" and "Do you speak English?" Next to be discussed are "See you tomorrow", "What did you say?", "I don't understand", "See you soon", "Where is the book", "school", "church", "toilet", "I need help", "Do you understand". Viewers of this video will learn basic Creole phrases to use in Haiti.

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