How To: Say basic greetings in KhoeKhoegowab click

Say basic greetings in KhoeKhoegowab click

KhoeKhoegowab is the most populous and widespread of the Khoisan languages. It belongs to the Khoe language family, and is spoken in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa by the Namaqua, Damara, and Haillom, as well as smaller ethnic groups such as the #Khomani. In this video learn to say basic phrases in KhoeKhoegowab.

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this is the coolest language ever

Lesson 3 is nice, good, and interesting. How can I find lesson 1 and 2? Keep up the good work. Peaceout.

gai ses

durban has started to learn khoekhoegowab
well done to the team

I need more info please. This is a verrrry interesting site. word up.

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