How To: Say "I think" or "he/she thinks" & more in Hindi

Say "I think" or "he/she thinks" & more in Hindi

This is lesson 14 of Speaking Hindi course.
We will see how to translate:
To Think = Sochna
To See = Dekhna
To Drink = Peena

E.g. of 'Think'.
I think = main sochta hun
He thinks = wo sochta hai
She thinks = wo sochtee hai

I am thinking = main soch raha hoon
He is thinking = wo soch raha hai
She is thinking = wo soch rahi hai

Similar sentences can be made for 'See' and 'Drink' by replacing 'scoch' with 'dekh' and 'pee' respectively.

Next lesson we will see the equivalent words for sleep, walk, sit, live and ask:)

Happy learning!

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